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Unibet Poker left Microgaming’s poker network in 2014 to be an independent poker room without any network affiliation. The move was a part of Unibet Poker’s new focus on hobby players rather than professionals and semi-professionals.

Unibet Poker’s focus on hobby players (including low-stakes players and novice players) come across in many different ways. They have for instance removed the rake back program, since a rake back program tends to favor players that have enough time and money to generate huge amounts of rake each week. Instead of a rake back program or a traditional loyalty point scheme, Unibet Poker issues various challenges and if you complete a challenge you get a reward. e.g. a tournament ticket. Most of these challenges can be fairly easily completed without spending big bucks or lots of time at Unibet Poker. A challenge can for instance be to see at least one flop at a cash game table three days in a row.

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Unibet Poker has their own proprietary poker software developed by Relax Gaming. You can play in your browser or download a poker client. Downloaded client is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Unibet Poker offers mobile poker on tablets. Apps are available for both iOS and Android.

In many poker rooms and poker networks, skilled poker players are actively seeking out less skilled players and following them around to win their money. This makes poker a pretty boring pursuit for the novice player and it can also feel like being stalked. Adding to the problem is the fact that it is possible to purchase special software programs that gather and analyze huge amounts of information about specific players. Having access to such a program will give the user an edge, since it will be easier for him or her to see patterns in an individual player’s playing style. Of course, the causal low-stakes hobby player is not likely to put up the money required to purchase one of these programs, so once again, we have a situation where the novice player is in an unfavorable position compared to the more hardcore players.

Unibet Poker has decided to combat this in several ways, to level the playing field and bring poker back to being a game of skill – not a game where the person with the best analytical software wins the pot.


Unibet Poker is not a par of any poker network, so all the players you encounter at the tables are Unibet Poker members. Unibet Poker is not a poker room that you pick because it has such high volumes of traffic. When Unibet Poker left Microgaming’s poker network, it meant a substantial drop in traffic for Unibet Poker. At the time of writing, Unibet Poker is #18 on PokerScout’s list over poker rooms and poker network with the most traffic to their cash game tables. If it’s high traffic that you’re after, you’d be better off at PokerStars, 888 Poker or any of the poker rooms within the iPoker network. Unibet Poker is a poker room that people join because it’s great for recreational players (including novice and low-stakes players).

Unibet Poker only offers Texas Hold’em and Omaha, which means that all traffic is concentrated to these poker variants instead of being spread out over a multitude of poker variants. So, even though the traffic is comparatively low, it is usually not difficult to find people to pay against.

Examples of available poker variants

Fast poker

Unibet Poker’s version of fast poker is called Fast Hold’em.

Tournament poker

As everything else with Unibet Poker, the tournament selection is created with the recreational low- and mid-stakes player in mind. Unibet Poker offers scheduled tournaments and sit ‘n go tournaments. Just as for the cash game tables, only Texas Hold’em and Omaha are available.

Examples of tournament formats that can be found here are bounty, double stack, triple stack and quadruple stack. Satellites are available for the tournaments with a comparatively high buy-in.

Unibet Poker has a very good selection of free rolls, 24/7. This is a great way to build up your bankroll.

At Unibet Poker, heads-up tables are only available in the form of sit ‘n go tables.

Unibet Open is Unibet Poker’s very own poker tour. Most stops are within Europe, typically fairly large cities such as Madrid, Copenhagen, Milan, Dublin, London, Paris, Barcelona, Riga, Algarve, Valencia, Warsaw, and Budapest. You can win a travel package to the next Unibet Open by playing in satellites and qualifiers online. A travel package will normally contain Unibet Open Main Event buy-in, air flight, hotel accommodation, and pocket money.

Welcome bonus

When you complete the sign-up process you get a $15 free no deposit welcome bonus from Unibet Poker. The bonus money is valid on the NL4 €0.02/€0.04 cash game tables.

Instead of having a traditional 1st deposit bonus, Unibet Poker has a system tailor-made for the new poker player that might not feel comfortable with making a huge first deposit. Most other poker rooms will offer you a big 1st deposit bonus where the bonus money comes with a big wager requirement. If you fail to complete the wager requirement within the stipulated time frame, they take the bonus away from you. Unibet Poker use a different system, where you gradually earn bonus money as you play, rather than receive a big bonus upfront that you must fulfill a wager requirement for. At Unibet Poker, a new member can gradually bring in up to €500 in welcome bonus money.

This is how the bonus money comes in to your poker account:

Required rake per level Level Cash reward
€2 1 €1
€13 2 €4
€85 3 €15
€500 4 €80
€1,400 5 €400


The English language Unibet Poker support is open 24/7.

Unibet Poker offers phone support, email support and live chat support.

From many European countries, you can call a free phone number to the Unibet Poker support. More information about this is found on the Unibet Poker site.

The email address is info@unibet.com.


Examples of accepted transaction methods:

About Unibet Poker

Unibet is a well-established gambling site that was launched back in 1997. In the early years, the site was focused on sports betting, but eventually other sections were added as well. The poker room was launched in 2004 and was originally a part of the 24h poker network. Unibet Poker later moved from the 24h poker network to Microgaming’s poker network. Since 2014, Unibet Poker is an independent poker room that isn’t included in any poker network.

Unibet Poker is owned by a Maltese subsidiary to Unibet Group PLC. The poker servers are located in Estonia.