Poker tournaments

There are thousands of online poker tournaments being held each day. Many of the are played with small buy ins but there are also a large selection of tournaments with a large buy in. Weekly Tournaments such as the Sunday Millions at Poker stars gives players the chance to win several hundred thousands. There are several large online poker series that are held annually that offer guaranteed prize pots in excess of $50 million. It is possible to earn a lot of money playing online poker tournaments and there are a group of players that focus their efforts exclusively on tournaments. The biggest online tournaments in the world can be found at PokerStars.

Free Rolls


Free rolls are a good way to start playing tournaments and to start gaining experience. It is important that you realize that there is a large different between free rolls and regular tournaments. People will play a lot more aggressive in free rolls (especially early in the tournament) since they do not really have anything on stake. Many register simple because it is free and don’t really pay attention to how they play. This makes it both easier and harder to win these tournaments. It can be helpful that your opponent are playing extremely aggressively and reckless but it will also mean a higher risk for bad beats. People will call with anything and there is always a chance they will get lucky. The aggressive play also means that some players quickly will collect large chip stacks.

It can be very hard to win these tournaments but it is usually somewhat easy to place in the money and thereby starting to build a bankroll.

Free rolls are free to play so you can start playing without ever risking any of your own money. Any money you win can be used to start playing low stakes tournaments and increase your experience. It is possible to build a large bankroll by starting out playing free rolls. You only need some patience.

Low stakes Tournaments

Low stakes tournaments that have low buy ins. In this article it refers to tournaments that cost $0.01 to $15 to enter. Most poker rooms offer a good selection of tournaments on this level. It can often be good to play tournaments on this level in one of the smaller poker room since the quality of the opponents is lower.

This will be the first type of tournament you start playing after depositing money into your account or winning money through free rolls. Tournaments with very small buy ins suffer from the same problem as free rolls. People do not take them seriously and play more aggressively then they would in normal tournaments. Once you start playing tournaments with a buy in of $5 of more you will start to get a more real experience.

Players that play tournaments with buy ins of $5 or more usually take the tournament seriously even if there usually will be a few players that play overly aggressively. These tournaments start building the experience you are going to need at higher levels. Tournaments on this level can have large prize pots.

Mid Stake Tournaments

tournamentMid stakes tournaments are tournament with a buy in between $15 and $100. When you start playing at this level you will start playing against players that are of a lot higher skill level than those  you have been playing before.

Mid sized tournaments are usually best played at large poker rooms since the tournaments in smaller rooms often have rather few participants. This can be good if you prefer small tournaments but if you want a large tournament with the biggest possible prize pot then you should play in a large poker room.

It is possible to make a good living playing these tournaments.

High Stakes tournaments

High stakes tournaments are tournaments with more than $100 as buy in. These tournaments are primarily available at the biggest poker rooms. These tournaments often feature very big prize pots. The skill level of the players playing in these tournaments are similar to those playing mid sized tournaments.

These tournaments give you the chance to win a lot of money if you feel comfortable paying the buy in.

Tournaments Series

Several poker rooms including Full Tilt poker and Pokerstars offer a number of tournaments series with very large guaranteed prize pools. Often worth more than $50 million. Example of such tournament series include FTOPS, WCOOP, TCOOP, TCOOP and more. These tournaments allow you to win a lot of money. Especially the main events give you the chance to win a very large sum of money. Winning the main event of these tournaments is very prestigious.