Choosing a poker room

Choosing the right poker room is important. If you choose a bad poker room you might find it hard to find good tables to play at. This in turn might make online poker seem boring. Choosing the right poker site gives you the optimal chance of becoming a successful poker player.

Welcome bonus

poker bonusA common mistakes among individuals who want to start playing poker online is to get tempted by a poker bonus and sign up to a poker room that offer a big bonus. You should always disregard the bonus completely when you choose a poker room. Every poker room is different and offer different opponents. Choosing the right poker room is very important for your success as a player. You should choose a poker room that is the best possible fit for you regardless of the bonus they offer.

Once you have chosen a poker room you are of course free to accept the bonus they do offer.

Which games do they offer

If you want to play Texas Hold em poker than you can ignore this section. All poker rooms online offer Texas Hold-em. If you want to play another poker game then you will need to make sure that the game you want to play is available in the poker room you want to play in. Many poker room offer a selection of other common types of poker but far from all do and many of those who do only offer a smaller group of players that play that particular game.

If you want to play a more obscure type of poker you can find it hard to find a poker room online that offer that type of poker. But do not give up. Most types of poker are available somewhere online.


headerIt is very important to choose a poker room that has a lot of members so that there always are a lot of tables open when you want to play. You should always choose a poker room that offer a lot of action on the levels you want to play. Check how many players that are playing at odd hours of the day to see if the poker room seem to have a good selection of opponents. You should always check the tables for the particular type of game you want to play. A lot of poker room have a lot of Texas Hold em players, Fewer poker rooms have a large selection of seven car stud or Badugi players.

If you like to play anything else than Texas hold-em poker you should look around as much as possible before choosing your poker room. It is not always the biggest poker room that can offer the best action.


Tournaments can be very exciting and can be a great way to win a lot of money quickly. There are a number of weekly poker tournaments that give you the chance to win more than $100 000. If you would like to play tournament poker you should choose a poker room that offer a large selection of tournaments that are suitable for your bankroll. The best option is usually PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker. If you want to focus exclusively on cash games then you can ignore the selection of tournaments.

Free rolls

freerolFree rolls are tournaments that are free to enter but where you can win real prizes. They are a great way to start building your bankroll without having to deposit any money. Most free rolls attracts a lot of players. Especially if they have a large prize pool. This all means that you usually only win a few hundreds even if you win a large free roll. This in turn means that they are valuable to beginner but offer little value to more experience players. If you are an experienced player you will usually find that free rolls are not worth your time. This means that experienced players can ignore whether a poker room offer a good selection of free rolls or not. If you on the other hand is a beginner than it is great if the poker room offer a lot of free rolls and you should ideally chose one with as big a selection as possible.

Banking & Support

Hopefully you will never need to contact the support. But if you do it is important that the poker room offer a support that is known for being helpful and knowledgeable. A less than helpful support can quickly turn a minor issue to a large problem if you are unable to get help.

You should also always make sure that the poker room that you chose offer a selection of banking options that suits you. It really does not matter if they offer a large selection of banking options or not. All that matter is that they offer at least one way to deposit money and one way to withdraw money that suits you.