Personally I do not play casino games online or in real casinos. I avoid any game that give an edge to the person I am playing against. It is impossible to consistently make money while playing in a casino without counting cards. Counting cards can be profitable but if you get caught counting cards you get banned from all casinos using the same security database. As a poker player that is a risk I can not take as I want to continue to play poker in the casinos. I do not recommend that anyone tries counting cards.

online casino

It is impossible to count cards in an online casino. You always have to view casino gambling as a hobby that is going to cost you money. If you want to win money you should stick to poker and sports betting.

There is a very big selection of online casinos that you can chose to play in. Which casino you chose is not as important of a decision as which poker room you choose to play in. Most casinos that get their games from the same game developer can offer you the same games with the same chances to win. It isĀ  still worth to take some time and choose a good casino to play in. One with a lot of games and a good reputation.

Some of the best online casinos in the world include MrGreen, Unibet, Betsson, Leo Vegas and Casinofloor. My personal favorite online casino is MrGreen while Leo Vegas is the best mobile casino.

Casino Bonus

Almost all casinos offer a bonus to new members. Some casinos offer a free bonus that you get simply for registering without the need to deposit any money. No deposit bonuses are usually very small but give you a chance to try playing casino games for free. If you are lucky you might win a lot of money while playing using free money.

Once you choose to make a deposit you usually get a much larger bonus. How big this bonus is varies form casino to casino. Some casinos only offer you a bonus on your first deposit while other give you a bonus on your first few deposits. Most casinos give you the bonus as cash but a few choose to give you free spins instead.

How much you can get vary a lot between different casinos. Some only give you $100 while other give you many thousands. There is almost always a wager requirement that you need to meet if you accept a bonus. You can read more about how bonus work on our casino bonus page.

Game Developers

Most casinos co-operates with game developers to be able to offer the games they offer. Some casino chose to work with one single large developer such as Microgaming or NetEntertainment while other prefers to work with a large number of different developers. There are only a few casinos such as 888 that uses exclusively games they have developed themselves. A number of other casinos have a few games they have had developed exclusively for their casino.

There is a large number of different developers that develop casino games. Most companies are small and only offer a few games. Examples of such developers include Rabcat, Yggdrasil and Thunderkicks. There are also a low number of large developers. Developers that offer hundreds of games. The most important of these developers are NetEntertainment, Microgaming and Playtech.

We recommend that you look for a casino that offer games from Microgaming, NetEntertainment and a number of smaller developers.

Casino games

Most online casinos offer a good selection of different games. The selection is usually a mix of jackpot games, slots, table games, video poker, scratch tickets and other games. The majority of the games in most casinos are slots. This is due to the fact that slots are the most popular games in most online casinos.

Online casinos usually offer a much larger selection of games than any offline casino. There are a number of different online casinos that offer more than 500 different games that you can play. Online casinos can offer more games than regular games since they have unlimited floor space. It cost a lot of money to add and maintain a game in a real casino. In an online casino it cost almost nothing.

Online casinos make it possible to win very big jackpots. Several players have won more than $10 million.

There are more than 2500 different games available in different casinos.

Customer service & banking

You should always chose a casino that has a good reputation. A reputation for offering a good and friendly customer service. Casinos that are willing to call you to solve your problem are usually good.

Most casinos offer a large selection of different banking options. It does however not matter if they offer a large selection. All that matter is that they offer an option that is suitable for you. Please note that it is very common that some banking options can be used exclusively to deposit money, not for withdrawing money. An example of this is MasterCard. Make sure that the casino you chose offer a good deposit and withdraw method before you register.