Poker in the UK & Ireland

Poker in the UK & Ireland

If you live in the UK or Ireland and like poker then you are in luck. The UK and Ireland are two of the best places in the world to live if you are a poker player. You have access to countless of different online casinos where you can play against players from all of the world as well as to the many UK casinos and poker rooms that offer live poker. There is no other country in Europe that can offer the same amount of live poker tournaments that you can play in the UK and Ireland.

The highest concentration of casinos are found in and near London where you can find more than 20 casinos but you can find a game in almost any city in the UK. If you live in the country side you might have to go in to the city to find a good game. Large Tournaments are held in all parts of the UK & Ireland. The greatest concentration are once again found in London. Examples of large popular tournaments that are held in the UK regularly include EPT, WSOPE, UKIPT, UNIBET OPEN and many more smaller tournaments.

UK Poker Tournaments

EPT – European Poker Tour

eptEuropean poker tour is one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world. The tournaments are held in a number of different locations in all of Europe. The EPT usually make at least one UK stop, often several, each season. Each EPT event contains a number of different tournaments with different buy ins. Some tournaments have affordable buy ins while some events have high buy ins. The buy in for the main event is usually 10 000.

wsopeWSOPE – World Series of Poker Europe

The WSOPE is another very prestigious poker tournament and the sister tournament of WSOP in Las Vegas. Both WSOP and WSOPE is owned be Harrah’s Casinos. Harrah’s Casinos owns 3 casinos in London and the first ever WSOPE event was held in London.

The tournament series is held annually and usually makes at least one stop in London and the UK.

UKIPT – UK & Ireland Poker Tour

ukiptThe UKIPT is a tournament series with tournaments all across the UK and Ireland. They usually arrange one tournaments in Spain or another warmer country each year. The tournament series feature a lower buy in than the other tournament series we have talked about above. It is not as prestigious as EPT & WSOPE but it is an excellent entry tournament that allow you to gain valuable experience before you start entering more expensive tournaments.

Unibet Open

Unibet open is a tournament series arranged by Unibet. Unibet offer casino, poker and sport betting online. They have a very innovative online poker room that is worth trying. The Unibet open tournament series offer tournaments all over Europe. They offer at least a couple of tournaments in the UK & Ireland each year.

Local Tournaments

Most casinos offer regularly tournaments that you can enter. These tournaments usually offer smaller prize pots than the tournaments we have talked about above but they are an excellent way to gain experience. I recommend trying to play local tournaments before you play your first big tournament.

Online Poker

Online poker is an excellent alternative to playing in real casinos. Online poker offer good tools that help you learn to play poker and makes it possible to play against player from the entire world. It is possible to earn a lot of money playing online poker. This is true regardless of whether you pay cash games or tournaments. It is also a great way to gain more experience and become a better poker player.

Make sure that you choose a good poker room that offer the games you want play. Read our guide here if you are unsure which poker room you should choose.